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Why download paGO Commerce? Here are four reasons why paGO can benefit your e-commerce store. Simply provide your email address to complete your download.

  • paGO QuickPay
  • Single-Page Checkout
  • SEO Wingman
  • Awesome Support

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Thank you for downloading paGO Commerce to fuel your Joomla based e-commerce platform. We look forward to seeing the success paGO Commerce will bring to your company’s future.

If you need assistance with advanced customization of your e-commerce site, ‘corePHP’ is here to help. Contact us at 269-447-1834, or request a free quote today!

User Guide (Documentation)

Now that you have downloaded Joomla’s leading e-commerce platform, you may have some questions on how paGO Commerce can improve your store’s ROI. We have put together a little user guide to assist you with implementing paGO Commerce onto your site. Click here for documentation!


Do you have an existing e-commerce solution with your Joomla platform? Have no fear, paGO Commerce is here. Utilize paGO Commerce’s built-in migration script to move your e-commerce store onto paGO Commerce hassle free. Learn more about migrating your current platform to paGO Commerce here.

QuickPay Signup

Be sure to take advantage of paGO Commerce’s innovative QuickPay solution. paGO QuickPay enables your store to receive funds in record time. Process your income in a timely manner, while others can take up to a week to receive. Learn more about paGO QuickPay and how your store can benefit from it.